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Guangzhou and Foshan metro transfer channel at Guangzhou South Railway Station opens

On Sunday (January 21), the transfer channel of Foshan Metro Line 2 at Guangzhou South Railway Station was put into use. 

Currently, passengers can transfer to Foshan Metro Line 2 and Guangzhou Metro Line 2, Line 7, and Line 22 at Guangzhou South Railway Station.

With a total length of 150 meters, the channel provides seamless transfer between Foshan and Guangzhou metros. It saves nearly four minutes compared to ground transfer.

In addition, a total of 86 ticket gates have been added and renovated, each equipped with at least one wide-channel bidirectional gate, further enhancing traffic efficiency.

Reporter | Fanny, Rina (Intern)

Editor | Nan, Abby, James

Photos | Nanfang Plus

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