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Photo | Enjoy a lovely autumn outing in this garden

In Guangzhou, the flower of November is definitely bougainvillea glabra (Chinese:三角梅). They have formed rows of long pink wreaths that hang on both sides of pedestrian bridges and overpasses in Guangzhou.

There is one place in Guangzhou, where you can see more than 340 species of bougainvillea glabra at a time, that is the South China National Botanical Garden (SCNBG). The garden is filled with a kaleidoscope of autumn colors. Whether you are a flower lover or just looking for an autumn outing, come visit the SCNBG to see this beautiful display.

Bougainvillea glabra is an evergreen climbing plant with thorny stems. It bears clusters of tiny white flowers surrounded by colourful bracts in a range of colors from pink and purple to red. In Guangzhou it’s grown as a landscape plant, typically in sunny, humid places and greenhouses.

The flower exhibition will run until early December. Visitors can take metro line 6 and get off at Botanical Garden Station (植物园站).

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

In addition, leaves of swamp cypresses on the shores of the Aquatic Garden in SCNBG have also begun to turn yellow, and will turn red in January. Please wait for nature's seasonal gift to us.

Time: 2022.10.26—2022.12.05

Venue: Greenhouse Area of the South China National Botanical Garden

Ticket price

Package ticket (ordinary ticket + greenhouse ticket): 50 RMB / person.

Metro: Take metro line 6 and get off at Botanical Garden Station (植物园站), then use Exit A.

Author: Ariel

Editor: Wing, Nan, Monica, Jerry

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