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Photos丨Explore the most influential millennium temple fair in Guangzhou's Huangpu

The Boluodan Temple Fair, the oldest and grandest folk temple fair in the Pearl River Delta region, is underway from March 20 to 24.

Traditional Polo chicken (Photo by Li Jianfeng)

Residents write down their good wishes on the prayer wall.

People visit the food street at the temple fair.

Traditional crafts are popular at the Boluodan Temple Fair.

Residents watching a cultural performance

People enjoying Yingge Dance

Acrobatics performance "Nanhai Xuguang"  (Photo by Lu Haohui)

Acrobatics performance "Nanhai Xuguang" (Photo by Lu Haohui)

A group dance performance

People attending the Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Huangpu Boluodan Temple Fair (Photo by Zhang Xuhua)

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Boluodan Temple Fair to kick off on March 20th


Editor丨Steven, Monica, James

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