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Refreshing, mellow Guangdong tea to be unveiled in Rome, Italy

On July 12, Rome, the capital city of Italy, will host a promotional event showcasing various agricultural products from Guangdong. Among the highlights will be Yingde No.9 black tea, a distinctive specialty of Yingde, served alongside seasonal Guangdong litchi and pre-made Guangdong cuisine. Deng Yanru, Assistant to the Chairman of Guangdong Yinghong Farmer Ecological Technology Tea Industry Co., Ltd., cordially invites everyone to experience the invigorating and aromatic flavors of their organically grown Yinghong black tea.

Guangdong Yinghong Farmer Ecological Technology Tea Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that encompasses tea cultivation, research and development, production and processing, sales, and tea culture promotion. The company employs natural mountain spring water for irrigation, adheres to the use of organic fertilizers instead of pesticides, and has even established a cutting-edge central intelligent tea factory employing AI-based testing technology. Their flagship products include Yinghong No.9 and Litchi black tea.

Guangdong's Yingde is renowned as the birthplace of Cantonese black tea. Nestled in the mountainous region of northern Guangdong, Yingde benefits from its year-round warmth and rainfall, creating fertile and slightly acidic land which is ideal for cultivating tea plants.

The black tea produced in Yingde has earned a stellar reputation in China, praised for its exquisite appearance, deep black and red hues, vibrant red soup color, and mellow aroma.

As of the end of 2022, the tea gardens in Yingde covered an expansive area of 116.7 square kilometers, yielding an annual output of 14,000 tons of dry tea. The tea industry's comprehensive output value amounted to 6 billion yuan. Currently, the city is home to 550 tea enterprises, providing employment opportunities for approximately 150,000 individuals.

Author | Abby, Zelda (intern)

Video | Jimmy

Poster | Lu Lu

Editor | Olivia, Steven, James

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