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Take a flower market challenge with expats to celebrate CNY in GD

As the Chinese New Year draws closer, the flower markets in Guangzhou are filled with vibrant energy, creating a festive atmosphere for locals. It is a century-old tradition to experience the hustle and bustle of Yuexiu Xihu Flower Market for Spring Festival shopping.

On February 7, two groups of expats joined GDToday's flower market challenge in the Yuexiu Xihu Flower Market to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Guangdong.

Each team was given a red envelope with the same amount of gift money. They needed to buy goods containing flowers, special purchases for the Spring Festival, delicacies, and intangible cultural heritage (four themes) at the Yuexiu Xihu Flower Market.

The God of Wealth decided which group did the best.

The first group consisted of David from the UK and Grace from Guangdong. The other group included Flora, Ben, and Julie, college students from the Solomon Islands.

The participants bought their favorite New Year's gifts, appreciated beautiful flowers, and invited global friends to celebrate an authentic Cantonese New Year in Guangdong.

Which group would be selected as the winner by the God of Wealth and receive the gold ingot representing victory? Follow GDToday's Alice and Hannah to check it out.

Reporter | Alice, Hannah

Video shooting | Wingheng, Jimmy, Ou Xiaoming, Eastbrook

Video editing | Wingheng

Poster | Mia

Editor | Olivia, Nan, Monica, Ou Xiaoming, James

He Yixin, He Shangkui, Ou Jiahui, and Liu Yi also contributed to this article.

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