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Guangdong opens China's first customized freight train for petrochemicals

On September 22, China's first petrochemicals customized freight train departed from Donghai Island in Zhanjiang, a city in the southwest of Guangdong province.

[Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Titled "Zhongke" (Chinese: 中科号), this train, carrying 30 boxcars fully loaded with 1,260 tons of synthetic resins, will travel 1,067 kilometers before arriving at its destination Shantou North Railway Station.  

This batch of products, with a worth of about 11 million RMB, will meet Shantou enterprises' production need.

[Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

Customized freight trains aim to further improve the transportation efficiency, which can save 30% of the shipping time and 25% of the costs for businesses, according to the authorities from the freight department of China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. (CR Guangzhou).

[Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

At the launching ceremony, Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Ltd. South China Branch and CR Guangzhou also signed a strategic cooperation agreement in terms of railway freight transportation.

"Choosing rail freight is in line with the company's goal to continue to optimize logistics management as well as to enhance green and low-carbon transportation," said the spokesperson  from Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Ltd. South China Branch.

It is said that, CR Guangzhou, together with petrochemical companies, will arrange 12 to 15 petrochemicals-customized freight trains on a monthly basis to places in Eastern China and GBA cities like Foshan and Dongguan in the future. This will give full play to the advantage of rail freight that is safe, highly-efficient, green and low-carbon. It will boost domestic economy, stabilize industrial and supply chain, promote rural revitalization, as well as make contributions to achieve the goal of peak carbon dioxide emission and carbon neutrality.

Author | Fanny, Jolie (Intern)

Editor | Wing, Monica, Steven, Jerry 

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