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Guangzhou's Zhijing Technology transforms fashion industry with AI, cloud integration

Zhijing Technology, a company which specializes in the textile and clothing industry, focuses on leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and cloud computing to transform and empower various aspects of the industry's supply chain, according to a journalist delegation on May 15th.

The delegation on a media tour themed "high-quality development" in Guangdong visited the company.

 Zhijing Technology's fabric-matching robot ( GDToday)

"Conventionally, finding suitable fabric can be time-consuming and costly, as fabric circulation heavily relied on wholesale markets. Buyers often have to take a week or more to gather all the fabric they need," said Li Yaping, co-founder of Zhijing Technology. "By embracing big data and smart hardware, we self-developed our fabric-matching robot."

Backed up by Zhijing Technology's fabric information database, which is based on the characteristics of fabrics such as color, pattern, and composition, as well as the information of sellers, obtaining the right material now takes only a scan.

"Nowadays, we just need to scan the sample fabric with our fabric robot, and it will match the category of the fabric and take no more than two minutes to find the desired fabric," added Li.

In addition to sourcing materials, Zhijing Technology has also launched a digitized system named "飞梭智纺" that integrates yarn factories, fabric factories, and printing and dyeing factories. It has been serving over 9,000 weaving mills and connecting approximately 700,000 weaving machines, promoting shared capacity and intelligent order distribution.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and big data analytics, the system optimizes production processes, improves resource utilization, and enhances overall efficiency in the spinning industry.

Zhang Chengdong, Senior AI Expert at Zhijing Technology demonstrating the operation of Fashion Mind(GDToday)

Meanwhile, Zhijing also demonstrates their Fashion Mind on-site, an intelligent design system that attempts to revolutionize the workflow of clothing design. By utilizing a sophisticated clothing AI model along with advanced recommendation algorithms and reinforcement learning technology, Fashion Mind strives to redefine the traditional approach to clothing design, break through barriers to innovation and enhance the efficiency and creativity of the design process.

Zou Yuanjiao, the brand director of Zhijing Technology(GDToday)

Rapidly embracing the wave of intelligence, Zhijing Technology is also prepared to empower the global supply chain. Zou Yuanjiao, the brand director of Zhijing Technology, revealed the company's plans to expand its business overseas, especially in Southeast Asia.

The company has already started engaging with potential partners in countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam. Initial visits and discussions have been productive, with local stakeholders expressing interest in adopting the company's solutions to enhance their textile and clothing industries. "They have shown particular interest in technologies such as fabric-matching robots and the digital system, believing that these solutions can be effectively implemented in their operations," said Zhou.

Reporter | Eastbrook

Editor | Nan, James

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