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3+2 local cases reported in Guangdong; Baiyun & Huadu adjust controlled areas

2022-May-12       Source: newsgd.com

On May 11, Guangdong reported 3 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases (including 1 converted from asymptomatic infection), among which 1 was in Guangzhou, and 2 in Zhanjiang.

On May 11, Guangdong reported 3 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases (including 1 converted from asymptomatic infection), among which 1 was in Guangzhou, and 2 in Zhanjiang. A total of 2 new local asymptomatic cases were also detected, including 1 in Shenzhen, and 1 in Zhanjiang. 

The new locally transmitted case in Guangzhou was converted from an asymptomatic infection reported on May 10. The case is a 39-year-old male, living in Dongguan Village, Xinya Subdistrict, Huadu District (花都区新雅街道东莞村).

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

Guangzhou’s Baiyun and Huadu District adjust controlled areas

On May 12, Guangzhou’s Baiyun District issued a notice to downgrade some areas from partial lockdown to restricted areas:

No.14 Web Area, Renhe Community, Renhe Town


No.7 Web Area, Donghua Village, Renhe Town (except lockdown areas of No.136, No.118 Huacheng North Street, No.1, No.3, No.5 Shanghua North 2ndLane, No.2 Shanghua North 3rdLane and partial lockdown areas of east to Dongcheng Street, south to Huacheng Road, west to No.6 Shanghua North 3rdLane, north to Shanghua North 4thLane in Donghua Village)


The areas surrounded by 2ndLane, Houyuan Street, Henan Middle Road, Helong Subdistrict, No.4 & No.5 Qingyun Lane, Qingyun Street, Hequn Street, No.38 Henan Road


From 0:00 on May 12, Guangzhou’s Huadu District lifted COVID-19 controlled measures in some areas.

No.13-15 East 1stLane, No.13-15 East 2ndLane, No.13-15 East 3rdLane, Tangkou South Road, Tuanjie Village, Xinya Subdistrict


South of Sanfeng Yidui 1stLane, north of Sanfeng Yidui 3rdLane, east of Teweisi Hotel west, west of Sanfeng Yidui Street, south of Sanfeng Erdui 2ndLane, north of Sanfeng Erdui 1stLane, east of Xiangqi Road, west of Erdui 12thLane, Sanfeng Village, Huadong Town


The above-mentioned areas lifted lockdown control measures.

South of Sanfeng Street, north of Sanfeng Fengxiang Street, east of Bainitang Street, west of Feiyue Dadao Road Side Road, Sanfeng Village, Huadong Town (except the lockdown areas)


The above-mentioned areas lifted partial lockdown control measures.

South of Huadu Dadao Road, north of Pingshi West Road, east of Shuguang Road, west of Fenghuang North Road (except Fuda Plaza), Tuanjie Village, Xinya Subdistrict (except the lockdown areas)


South of Huadu Dadao Road, North of Sanfeng Fengxiang Street, east of Huaan East Road, west of Feiyue Dadao Road, Sanfeng Village, Huadong Town (except the lockdown and partial lockdown areas)


The above-mentioned areas lifted restricted control measures.

Shenzhen reports 1 new local asymptomatic case

On May 11, Shenzhen reported 1 new local asymptomaticcase, which was detected among screening of close contacts under quarantine.

Case 1: male, 42 years old, lives in No.8 5thArea Wanke Apartment Complex, Bantian Subdistrict, Longgang District(龙岗区坂田街道万科第五园8)

The case has been transferred to the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen for isolation and treatment and is in stable condition.

According to epidemiological investigation, the case’s tracks involved the following areas:

Nanshan District’s Yuehai Subdistrict:

Digital Technology Park, Kuaileyuan Restaurant (Huiheng Shop)


Longgang District’s Bantian Subdistrict:

Qiandama Store (No.5 5thArea Wanke Store), Wanpo Vegetables and Meat Store



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