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Xihua Road, a bite of Guangzhou

Acclaimed as one of the food capitals of China, Guangzhou has lavish delicacies to offer gourmands. Recently, the 2022 Michelin Guide Guangzhou was released. However, in many locals' opinion, there are numerous must-try local dishes in the city's food streets that can match or outdo the cuisine in Michelin restaurants.

Xihua Road, one of these must-visit food streets in the city, is a childhood memory for many locals. Here you can find a variety of small food stalls and time-honored restaurants and experience the authentic flavor of Guangzhou, such as Shimo Changfen (stone-grounded rice noodle roll), which is rarely seen nowadays. Now, follow the video and take a bite of Guangzhou with GDToday!

Furthermore, you can also participate in "My Guangdong Story" event to share your food tours and win a big prize!

Reporter | Holly, Paprika

Video | Qin Shaolong

Poster | Mia

Editor | Wing, Nan, Monica, Jerry

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