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Stable weather expected for weekend, with increased thunderstorms from April 15

The Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Service forecasts a gradual rise in temperatures across the province over the next three days. From April 12 to 15, most cities and counties in Guangdong will experience alternating periods of cloudy and overcast skies, with occasional thundershowers locally.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

After April 15, a weak cold air mass is expected to hit Guangdong again, leading to unstable weather conditions in most parts of the province. There will be more pronounced rainfall processes, accompanied by locally severe convective weather.

Between April 13 and 14, the majority of Guangdong's cities and counties will see alternating cloudy and overcast skies, with scattered thunderstorms and light mist in the morning and evening.

The lowest temperatures on the morning of April 13 are forecasted to range between 19℃ and 21℃ in Heyuan, Meizhou, and eastern Guangdong, 23℃ to 26℃ in the Leizhou Peninsula, and 21℃ to 23℃ in the remaining areas.

On April 15, Shaoguan, Qingyuan, and Zhaoqing are expected to have cloudy to overcast skies, with medium to heavy thunderstorms and locally heavy rain at night. The remaining cities and counties will see alternating cloudy and overcast skies with scattered thunderstorms.

The provincial meteorological service predicts that from April 16 to 20, influenced by cold air and shear lines, precipitation will become more significant, accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-duration heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and gale-force winds, and localized hail. The public is advised to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions.

Reporter | Abby

Editor | Nan, James

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