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GZ+8181, Baiyun District strengthens control till November 25

On November 20, Guangdong reported 384 new locally transmitted confirmed cases and 8,101 asymptomatic cases.

Guangzhou reports 8,181 new local COVID-19 infections

"On November 20, Guangzhou reported 8,181 new local COVID-19 infections, of which 20 were detected outside the controlled area. The remaining infections were detected during quarantine, in high-risk areas, or among key people under closed-loop management," said Zhang Yi, deputy head of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, at the press conference on Guangzhou's fight against COVID-19 today (November 21). Among the new cases, 296 were confirmed cases, and 7,885 were asymptomatic cases.

(Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Haizhu District reported 7,988 local COVID-19 infections, 93% of infections concentrated in Fengyang, Nanzhou, Huazhou, and Longzhou subdistricts. Fengyang Subdistrict has slowed its increasing trend, the Datang area of Nanzhou is still seeing a rapid infection growth.

The epidemic situation in Baiyun District has been controlled beside Sanyuanli, Huangshi, Shimen, and Zhongluotan subdistricts, where positive results were found in screening on November 20. Baiyun District has strengthened its control till November 25, requiring all residents to work from home besides medical workers and other workers and volunteers working in the fighting against COVID-19. Residents should avoid going out except to take nucleic acid tests and get other medical treatment. Schools, dine-in services, and public transplantation are suspended. And all public places require 24-hour negative results for entrance.

Zengcheng District shows local aggregation and multi-point infections, affecting Ningxi, Licheng, Zengjiang, and Yongning subdistricts. Tianhe Districtfound positive cases with a complicated track heightening its risk of epidemic importation. The epidemic situation in Yuexiu, Liwan, and Panyu districts is stable, with sporadic positive cases still reported daily. Nansha, Huangpu, and Conghua districts also reported sporadic cases, and regular prevention and control work will continue. Tianhe, Huangpu, and Zengcheng Districts have also suspended dine-in service starting from November 21.

(Photo: Nanfang Plus)

Shenzhen detects 6+14 new cases

On November 20, Shenzhen added 6 confirmed cases and 14 asymptomatic cases. Among the cases, 7 were detected during centralized quarantine, 3 during domestic quarantine, 2 among the key population under closed-loop management, 5 in a key population under non-closed-loop management, 2 in the community screening, and 1 was diagnosed when the individual sought medical treatment.

Shantou reports 4+2 new cases

On November 20, Shantou reported 4 confirmed cases and 2 asymptomatic cases. 1 case was found during the centralized quarantine, and 5 in the coordinated screening.

Foshan adds 8+112 cases

On November 20, Foshan reported 8 confirmed cases and 112 asymptomatic infections, of which 111 were detected among residents under quarantine, 3 in the coordinated screening, 4 in the self-test and 2 were diagnosed when the individual sought medical treatment.

Huizhou adds 2 new confirmed cases and 3 asymptomatic infections

On November 20, Huizhou added 2 new confirmed cases (Zhongkai High-tech Zone) and 3 asymptomatic cases (Huiyang District, Huicheng District, and Huidong Town). The cases have been sent to a designated hospital for treatment.

Zhongshan detects 1+4 new cases

On November 20, Zhongshan added 1 confirmed case and 4 asymptomatic cases. All cases have been transferred to a designated hospital for treatment.

Yangjiang's Gaoxin District adds 2 new confirmed cases and 4 asymptomatic cases

On November 20, Yangjiang's Gaoxin District reported 2 confirmed cases and 4 asymptomatic cases detected among close contacts.

Zhanjiang detects 29+10 new cases

On November 20, Zhanjiang reported 29 newly confirmed cases and 10 asymptomatic cases. 39 infections have been sent to a designated hospital in a closed loop for treatment.

Zhaoqing reports 31+18 new cases

On November 20, Zhaoqing added 31 new locally transmitted cases (mild type) and 18 asymptomatic cases. In the cases, 1 was detected in the screening of key population in a non-closed loop.

Jieyang reports 10 asymptomatic cases

On November 20, Jieyang reported 10 asymptomatic cases (8 in Puning and 2 in Jiexi), among which 2 were detected in the key population coming from other provinces. 

Author | Clarice

Editors | Wing, Nan, Monica, Jerry

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