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GD adds 27+62 local COVID cases, risk areas added in GZ's Baiyun

On October 20, Guangdong reported 27 new locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases (10 in Guangzhou, 9 in Shenzhen, 6 in Foshan, 1 in Zhaoqing, and 1 in Qingyuan), and 62 local asymptomatic infections (46 in Guangzhou, 5 in Shenzhen, 1 in Foshan, 7 in Zhongshan, and 3 in Jieyang).

(Photo: GDToday)

Guangzhou reports 10+46 new local cases, risk areas added in Baiyun District

On October 20, Guangzhou reported 10 new locally transmitted confirmed cases, all detected during the screening of individuals under quarantine; and 46 asymptomatic cases were reported, among which 39 were detected during quarantine, 5 in the screening of people under COVID-19 control in high-risk areas, and 2 among arrivals from other provincial regions.

Epidemiological investigation shows that epidemic-related places of these infections mainly involve:

Haizhu District: Jiangnanzhong Subdistrict, Nanzhou Subdistrict


Panyu District: Nancun Town


Baiyun District: Huangshi Subdistrict


Guangzhou's Huadu and Baiyun districts conducted mass tests on October 21.

Commencing October 20, risk areas have been added in Jianggao Town, Baiyun District:

1. High-risk areas

No.1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,9,11 in North Lane 2, Xiangxi South Street, Shenshan Shalong Village, Jianggao Town (江高镇神山沙龙村向西南街北二巷1、3、4、5、6、7、9、11号),

No. 7, 9, 11, 13, North Lane 1, Xiangxi South Street (向西南街北一巷7、9、11、13号).

2. Medium-risk areas

No.56,64,68,70,72,74,80,82 in Xiangxi South Street, Shalong, Jianggao Town (江高镇沙龙向西南街56、64、68、70、72、74、80、82号),

No.2 in Xiangxi North Street (向西北街2号),

No.20 in East Lane 2, Xiangxi North Street (向西北街东二巷20号),

No.7 in East Lane 1, Xiangxi North Street (向西北街东一巷7号),

No. 17,23,25 in North Lane 2, Xiangxi South Street (向西南街北二巷17、23、25号),

No.15 in North Lane 1, Xiangxi South Street (向西南街北一巷15号).

3. Low-risk areas

Shenshan Shalong Village, Jianggao Town (江高镇神山沙龙村)

Today (October 21), Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center announced that the fever clinic in Zhujiang New Town Hospital is suspended for 1 day (till 8:00 on October 22) due to epidemic control and prevention. Other medical services are provided as usual. Outpatients should show 48-hour negative nucleic acid test results when visiting the hospital.

Shenzhen reports 9+5 new local cases

On October 20, Shenzhen reported 14 new local COVID-19 positive cases, among which 9 were diagnosed as confirmed cases, and 5 were asymptomatic. Among the cases, 8 were detected during centralized quarantine, 5 among individuals under home quarantine, and 1 during the screening at the community level.

Tracks of the new cases involve Nanshan and Bao'an districts:

Nanshan District: Nantou Subdistrict, Xili Subdistrict, Nanshan Subdistrict


Bao'an District: Xixiang Subdistrict, Xinqiao Subdistrict, Xin'an Subdistrict


On October 21, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Hospital announced that outpatient & emergency departments, fever clinic, and nucleic acid test services will be suspended. Fuchengao, Bainikeng, Shangmugu, Liangantian (辅城坳、白泥坑、上木古、良安田) Community Health Center will open normally, however, nucleic acid tests are halted.

On October 20, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Union Hospital (Nanshan Hospital) issued a notice to suspend newly admitted inpatient services of obstetrics and neonatology. During this period, the obstetric outpatient service will be carried out as usual, and the rescue of emergency and critical patients will not be affected.

Foshan adds 6+1 new local cases

Foshan reported 6 new locally transmitted confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic case on October 20, all detected positive during quarantine.

Zhaoqing's Gaoyao District detects 1 confirmed case (mild type) among truck drivers arriving from another provincial-level region

From 00:00 to 12:00 on October 20, Zhaoqing's Gaoyao District detected 1 confirmed case (mild type) among truck drivers arriving from another provincial-level region, detected in the cross-regional investigation.

The case is a 33-year-old male. On October 17, 2 people drove a truck from another provincial-level region to Zhaoqing. At around 19:09 on October 19, the case checked into the Kuayuelong Business Hotel in Xiangang Town, Gaoyao District (高要区蚬岗镇跨越龙商务酒店). And in the early morning of October 20, he has been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment under closed-loop management after being detected positive.

More about the new infection in Qingyuan

On October 19, Qingyuan's Yangshan County detected 1 case with a positive test result among the close contacts during centralized quarantine. The case is a 47-year-old female who lives in Lingbei Town of Yangshan County (阳山县岭背镇).

The individual was a close contact with the positive case reported by Yangshan County on October 13, according to a notice issued by the Yangshan County COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center on October 20.

Zhongshan adds 7 asymptomatic cases

From 00:00 to 12:00 on October 20, Zhongshan detected 7 new asymptomatic cases during screening in quarantine hotels, and all were close contacts of the confirmed case reported on October 16. There were no new epidemic-related places connected to the above cases. 

Jieyang's Huilai County reports 3 asymptomatic cases

From 00:00 to 12:00 on October 20, Huilai County reported 3 new asymptomatic cases, which were detected among the close contacts during centralized quarantine and have been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment.

The second round of nucleic acid testing has carried out in Huilai County on October 21.

Huizhou adjusts risk areas in Huicheng District and Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Huicheng District:

On October 20, Huicheng District announced that the whole district got back to regular epidemic prevention and control.

On October 19, Huicheng District conducted mass nucleic acid tests, and the test results are all negative.

In addition, students of kindergartens, and primary and secondary schools in Huicheng District will return to school in different waves from October 23 (Sunday) to October 24 (Monday).

Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone:

According to a notice issued by Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, the risk level of Huinan Science Park has been adjusted. After adjustment, Huinan Science Park will no longer have medium or high-risk areas and implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures.

Author | Hannah, Joshua (intern), He Yang (intern)

Editor | Wing, Olivia, Abby, Jerry

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