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Incredible holiday getaways to enjoy in Hengqin, Zhuhai

During the National Day holiday, Hengqin will bring forth a wide range of distinctive activities for residents and visitors. 

In Hengqin Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, the manned giant mechanical beast Super Mammoth swaggers around the park, and the screen play Adventures of the Vikings will be presented, which will take tourists back to a wild prehistoric era. The amusement park will also have night fireworks shows to celebrate National Day.

File photo of Hengqin Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (Photo: Wu Weihong)

Hengqin Novotown will launch a series of space-themed activities during the National Day holiday. On October 1, a lecture on aerospace science popularization will be given, during which experts will explain their aerospace knowledge to youngsters. 

Hengqin Novotown

In addition, Our Voice in Space - A Hengqin Special Event sponsored by the International Cooperation Center of China Aerospace will collect audio recordings from the general public. The participants will have the chance to obtain the certificates issued by the International Cooperation Center of China Aerospace. Finally, 30 excellent audio recordings will be selected and someday sent to space.

Sumlodol Hengqin Camping Town will launch theme activities of China-Chic, Han-style clothing, and other elements. Tourists will be invited to go camping in Han-style clothing, take photos in instragramable spots, and meet the flash mob in Han-style clothing. 

Sumlodol Hengqin Camping Town

Additionally, children can also attend the ongoing screen play Treasure Hunt in Sumlodol Camping Town in the park, and various theme performances, such as the Star Music Show, Maya Tribe, Flying Flag Dance, and Happy Clown will bring audiences a grand visual feast.

The footpath on the Small Hengqin Mount

The entrance of the footpath at the Poly International Plaza

Recently, a new Garden Post has been built on the Small Hengqin Mount. Located at the entrance and exit of Poly International Plaza, it's a long-term flower belt of more than 20 kinds of plants, such as Tweedia caerulea, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides Bunge, Delphinium grandiflorum L., and Salvia japonica thunb. The best flowering period lasts until mid- to late-October.

The Garden Post 

The Garden Post 

The Garden Post also has a light food bar, where tourists can enjoy exquisite artistic afternoon tea while appreciating the beautiful natural environment around them.

Author | Monica

Editor | Wing, Steven, Jerry

Photos provided by the Administrative Affairs Bureau of the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin

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