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International community should work together to address AI issues

The 2023 Understanding China Conference (UCC) kicked off in Guangzhou on December 2.

"It is imperative for the international community, including major powers, to work together to address various highly consequential issues relating to AI, which range from ethics, common norms, law, risk prevention for AI-enabled weapons, and security of AI data, etc.," Li Cheng, Founding Director of the Centre on Contemporary China and the World (CCCW) at the University of Hong Kong, said at a session highlighting AI and the Future of Humanity.

He also appealed for cooperation in ensuring that the digital and increasingly interconnected world is built on a strong foundation of international dialogue, engagement, and respect, as well as out-of-the-box thinking.

Reporter: Will

Video: Ou Xiaoming, Guan Jieming 

Poster: Mia 

Editor: Olivia, Steven, James 

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