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Senior Couple from Macao: Our new home, Hengqin, is as good as the old one.

“Before we moved to Hengqin, one of our biggest conerns was that we would never be able to taste the same coffee that we have been so used to in Macao. However, it turnt out that many owners of Hong Kong-style cafés here are from Macao.”shared Zhang Daming and Pan Miaochang, a senior couple who have lived in Macao for 40 years.

One year ago, just a few day before the establishment of the Guangdong-Macau In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin was announced, Zhang and Pan came to Hengqin along with their families, a family of nine with three generations. They confessed that they did have their own worries about their new life. However, they are now often seen riding electric scooters with ease on the street.

Thanks to faster Customs Clearance and improved infrastructure and facilities, the process of settling in was quick and easy. Zhang and Pan can still go back to Macao to visit relatives and friends. When friends come the Hengqin on vacation, this couple is also willing experience to be their guide.

“It takes normally only 30 seconds to be cleared by the customs. My eldest granddaughter has to get through customs to go to school everyday, and there is a dedicated channel for students like her, which is, to me, a humanized design.”said Pan.

Zhang added that he also noticed that there are now more cross-boundary private cars on the street in Hengqin. Because of the prevalence of these cars, the back-and-forth trips between Hengqin and Macao have now become more convenient.

Photo: Nanfang plus  

Pan and Zhang have also made friends with other elder at the Guangdong branch of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau(GUNA), where they are both regulars.

Many Macao elders have come and joined the sessions held in GUNA, including dancing, calligraphy, stage play and so on. Zhang and Pan’s favorite is the African drum.

In addition to varied activities, GUNA also provides physiotherapy for free, and physical therapist can also come to your door if needed. 

Photo: Nanfang plus 

Zhang and Pan admitted that since they are both foodies, food and drink serve as their great source of happiness. They were worried that they might not be able to have the authentic Macao cuisine and coffee in Hengqin.

“Those worries were unnecessary.”said Pan,”Many people from Macao have come here and start their business, we know a few Hong Kong style cafés that is run by Macaoese. The food and drink are exactly what we missed so much.”

We are glad that we chose to come to Hengqin with our families, and we believe life here will become richer and more colorful.

Author | Qian Mingya, Ma Ruijie, Eastbrook

Video | Liang Jucong, Wang Wenlong

Editor | Wing, Steven, Monica

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