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Guangzhou's first intellectual property public service center unveiled in Yuexiu

An intellectual property public service center officially opened its doors on January 30th at 10-16 Taihegang Road, Building 2 in Yuexiu district, Guangzhou. Marked as the city's inaugural comprehensive intellectual property public service institution, the center's initial phase of construction has been completed. Ongoing development aims to enhance accessibility, convenience, and inclusivity, further supporting the construction of a robust intellectual property region and high-quality economic and social development.

Establish a comprehensive "one-stop" intellectual property service platform

The center provides both basic and specialized services. Phase one includes 12 service windows that provide fundamental services, such as trademarks, patents, legal assistance, notary services, and protection, alongside specialized services like trademark application acceptance, patent navigation analysis, intellectual property transactions, and finance. To meet societal innovation needs, a rotating schedule is implemented.

The center integrates services from various intellectual property public service institutions, such as the Yuexiu Service Office of the Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Center, the Inquiry Point of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, the Public Service Network of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, Southern Notary Office, market supervision, and Yuexiu Customs.

In addition, it encourages the entry of intellectual property service organizations, law firms, associations, and other market-oriented service resources, forming a comprehensive intellectual property service platform covering information consultation, patent retrieval, registration, transaction operations, rights protection assistance, administrative protection, and customs intellectual property protection. This approach aims to facilitate coordination within the intellectual property public service and protection systems, effectively bridging the "last mile" of intellectual property public services.

Provide high-quality intellectual property services for innovators

The center is staffed with specialized personnel who possess relevant business knowledge and experience, supporting high-end service organizations in delivering quality intellectual property services. The center ensures the timely release of personalized lists that detail public service matters. Simultaneously, efforts are ongoing to strengthen standardization and regularization, enhance internal management systems, and conduct regular training sessions to improve the capabilities of intellectual property public service personnel.

The center plans to expand its service functions, facilitate creation of the intellectual property thematic database, and promote interconnection and complementary functions with provincial and municipal basic databases. Measures include building a Yuexiu district intellectual property thematic exhibition hall and a talent reception room, showcasing achievements, honors, and exemplary cases to promote the dissemination of intellectual property information.

Reporter | Clarice

Photo | Nanfang Plus

Editor | Steven, Monica, James

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