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Guangdong's Huizhou exports Chinese softshell turtles to Vietnam

Recently, 1.6 tons of Chinese softshell turtles from Guangdong's Huizhou were successfully exported to the Vietnamese market after passing inspection and quarantine by local customs.

According to statistics, Huizhou has exported more than 90 batches of fresh softshell turtles since this year. In the first half, Huizhou Customs supervised the export of 171 tons of Chinese softshell with a value of 13 million RMB, a year-on-year increase of 1.4 times.

In order to meet international consumers’ demands, the agricultural and customs department in Huizhou regularly carry out joint monitoring of aquaculture water, to ensure product quality and safety from the source.

Thus far, there are seven registered farms for export-oriented aquatic animals in Huizhou, including two for softshell turtles, with a farming area of more than 400 hectares and an annual output of 6,900 tons.

Author | Abby, Jenny (intern)

Editor | Olivia, Nan, James

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