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GDToday on Spot | Players hope Esports can be admitted by Olympic Games

Esports made its debut as an Asian Games medal event in Hangzhou from September 24 to October 2, which draw widely attention from the audiences.

Medals will be contested in seven different game, including Arena of Valor (Asian Games version), EA Sports FC Online, Street Fighter V, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, Peace Elite (Asian Games version), DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

Tong Hang Sam is a Esports athlete from Chinese Macao. He told GDToday that it is a great honor for him to become the first group of Esports players in the history of the Asian Games.

“It is a pity game, we could have been in the lead of the game, but we did not catch the chance,” said Tong.

He wishes that more resources can be put into the development of Esports in Macao after the Asian Games, as it is a new event in the field of sports.

“It is so great that the Esports becomes official event of the Asian Games,” said Liu Jiacheng, Esports athlete from China. He indicated that pursuing higer, faster and stronger is also the major goal for Esports.

“I think and I hope maybe Esports will be in the Olympics,” said Duong Vi Khoa, the Head coach of Vietnamese Esports team.

Reporters: Steven Yuen, Axin and Alice Fung reported from Hangzhou

Editor: Wing Zhang

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