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Breaking! All schools in Guangzhou suspend offline teaching

Due to the upcoming heavy rain, from now until 24:00 on May 12, all primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, after-school training institutions and childcare institutions in Guangzhou suspend offline teaching to ensure the security of students and teachers, according to the notice issued by the Guangzhou General Headquarters for Flood, Drought and Wind Prevention today.

The notice was made on account of the latest weather forecast: From May 10 to 13, continuous torrential rainstorms will hit Guangzhou, and the city will face risks such as mountain torrents, geological disasters, floods in small and medium rivers, and urban and rural waterlogging.

In addition, local residents are encouraged to work from home.

Guangzhou government has deployed sufficient rice, oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and other living necessities to reduce the impact of heavy rainfall. Most supermarkets, meat and vegetable markets will also be in normal operation.

It’s strongly suggested that you and your family stay in safe places.

Author: Ariel

Editor: Wing, Olivia, Will

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