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Two silver-haired tourism projects in Guangdong selected as national examples

Recently, two projects in Guangdong Province - "Intelligent Renovation of Huizhou Luofu Mountain" and "Elderly-oriented Upgrading of China Southern Airlines APP" - were successfully selected as China's 20 typical cases of senior tourism.

The list was jointly announced by China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Health Commission.

Senior tourism products refer to special facilities, services, and technologies provided by corresponding entities that are more convenient, considerate, and can better meet the travel needs of the elderly. It includes intelligent tourism applications, Internet products, as well as senior-friendly design.

Huizhou Luofu Mountain Scenic Area, based on its unique local health culture and superior ecological environment, highlights the brands of traditional Chinese medicine and the famous fitness mountain to attract the elderly. It has made online intelligent transformations in terms of multi-channel ticket purchase, facial recognition entry, and VR panoramic explanation, and has received positive feedback from gray-headed tourists.

In addition, the scenic area has also made barrier-free improvements to some plank roads, hiking trails, and toilets. One-click help buttons are installed in restrooms, and a 1.2-kilometer step-free climbing route for the elderly has been opened.

For the different travel scenarios of the elderly, the China Southern Airlines APP sets up a "senior version" that can be switched with one click. This version simplifies the mobile phone interface and operations, and adds functions such as voice search and screen reading.

Next, Guangdong will continue to strengthen the development and cultivation of senior-friendly tourism products to enhance the happiness and security of the elderly.

Reporter | Ariel

Editor | Olivia, Monica, James

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