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12 classic HK films to be screened in Guangdong's six cities

Starting from June 23, 12 classic Hong Kong movies will be screened in Guangdong's 6 cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, and Zhongshan. The film screening event is being held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, and will last for two months.

The movies are scheduled to be shown in each city for one to two weeks. While reviewing classic films, the activity looks forward to the development prospects of more quality films among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

The opening ceremony of the film festival will be launched on June 23 at the Guangzhou LUXE Theater (Liede IGC). More than 60 celebrities, entertainers, actors and screenwriters from Hong Kong, Macao and Chinese mainland will cheer for this event.

Screening Theaters

Guangzhou: Huaying Qinggong Cinema (华影青宫电影城), China Plaza Cinema (中华广场电影城), CGV Cinema Guangzhou Beijing Road Branch (CGV影城广州北京路店), Guangzhou LUXE Theater Liede IGC Branch (广州百丽宫影城猎德店), Guangzhou LUXE Theater Parc Central Branch (广州百丽宫影城天环店), Dadi Cinema Guangzhou Huatong Branch (大地影院广州华通店), Guangzhou Zhuying Feiyang Cinema (广州珠影飞扬影城).

Shenzhen: CGV Cinema Shenzhen Zhuoyue Center Branch (CGV影城深圳卓悦中心店), Shenzhen Films International Jiazhihua Center Cinema (深影国际嘉之华中心影城), Shenzhen Broadway Film Center Cinema (深圳市百老汇电影中心影城), Shenzhen LUXE Theater Nanfu Branch (深圳市百丽宫南福影城), Shenzhen CINESKY Xintian Cinema IMAX (深圳CINESKY新天影院壹方天地IMAX), Shenzhen Xinghe Huanyu IMAX Cinema Yabao Branch (深圳市星河寰宇IMAX影城雅宝店), Shenzhen Jinyi Cinema Baoan Daqianli IMAX Branch (深圳金逸影城宝安大仟里IMAX激光店).

Foshan: Foshan Broadway Cinema Huanyu Branch (佛山百老汇影城环宇店), Dadi Cinema Foshan Yitian Holiday Branch (大地影院佛山益田假日天地店), Foshan Maibo Cinema Huangqi Jinbo Branch (佛山市脉铂影城黄岐金铂天地店), Jinyi Cinema Shunde Rainbow IMAX Branch (金逸影城顺德彩虹IMAX店).

Zhuhai: Zhuhai Chengfeng Cinema Qianshan Branch (珠海诚丰影城前山店), Zhuhai CGV Cinema Huanyu IMAX Branch (珠海市CGV影城珠海环宇城IMAX激光店), Zhuhai Lofute Cinema (珠海洛富特影城).

Dongguan: CGV Cinema Dongguan Guomao Branch (CGV影城东莞国贸城店), Dongguan China Film MAX 4D Cinema Xingguang City Branch (东莞中影MAX双巨幕4D影城星光城店), Dongguan Tianyi Cinema (东莞天一影城), Orange Sky Cinema Qishi Branch (橙天国际巨幕影城企石店)

Zhongshan: Zhongshan Huayi Cinema (中山华艺影城), Jinyi Cinema Yinghuali IMAX Branch (金逸影城中山樱花里IMAX店), China Film MAX International Cinema Dongfeng Branch (中影MAX国际影城东凤店).

Screening list

1972 Fist of Fury 《精武门》

1984 Homecoming 《似水流年》

1986 Peking Opera Blues 《刀马旦》

1987 An Autumn's Tale 《秋天的童话》

1988 Rouge 《胭脂扣》

1990 Swordsman 《笑傲江湖》

1991 Once A Thief 《纵横四海》

1992 All's Well, Ends Well 《家有喜事》

2003 Unforgettable 《忘不了》

2010 Crossing Hennessy 《月满轩尼诗》

2012 Cold War 1 《寒战1》

2017 Shock Wave 1 《拆弹专家1》

Author: Ariel

Editor: Wing, Steven, Monica, Will, Jerry

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