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Acrobatic show 'Journey to the West—Wukong' returns this June!

What kind of sparks will transpire when traditional acrobatics meet martial arts, and innovative drama blends with classic mythology?

From June 14th to 15th, the Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater, a subsidiary of the Guangzhou Cultural Group, will stage the spectacular Chinese-style show "Journey to the West—Wukong".

"Journey to the West—Wukong", which combines acrobatics, dance, drama, magic, puppetry, and other diverse arts, is a feast for all senses and will lead the audience into the enchanting and mysterious world of the Chinese novel "Journey to the West", immersing audiences in an unimaginably beautiful classic. The theme of the show is "real growth". The show interprets the theme in a poetic manner, offering a fresh take on the classic Chinese story.

The story follows Sun Wukong, who, after years of diligent learning and acquiring magical powers under his master's guidance, faces numerous setbacks due to his arrogance. Through continuous interactions with others, he gradually understands himself, realizing that greater abilities come with greater responsibilities, and ultimately comprehends the true meaning of growth.

The production features the light-hearted moments of the competition for kingship on Mount Huaguo and the pursuit of learning on Mount Fangcun, the tense scenes of treasure snatching in the Dragon Palace and the havoc in Heaven, as well as the awakening to the real growth under Mount Wuzhi.

The show is a sensational, soul-stirring artistic feast for all senses. The interactive acrobatic show blends various art forms such as acrobatics, dance, stunts, and large puppets with 3D stage projection technology, creating an immersive and surreal experience.

On-site, the "Monkey King" and "Fairies" will engage with the audience in close proximity, immersing them completely in the romantic and fantastic world of myths.

A collection of blockbuster performances that are frequently seen at the Spring Festival Gala, "Journey to the West—Wukong" stars young leading actors from the Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater, showcasing nearly 20 breathtaking and difficult acrobatic performances, once again challenging the limits of the human body and stage performance.

The "Gymnastics on Vertically Moving Slack Wire" performance in the show is a flagship program of the Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe, which has won the prestigious "President of the French Republic Award" and the "Golden Clown" award, both known as the Oscar of the acrobatic world.

Aesthetically pleasing, the show boasts stunning Chinese-style costumes and props with meticulous attention to detail. "Journey to the West—Wukong" integrates modern aesthetics with R&R, electronic music, and ACGN culture, incorporating new Chinese styles and breaking through the boundaries of different artistic dimensions. This integration further enhances the creativity of the visual design and the impact of the sensory experience.

A powerful collision between traditional Chinese culture and art, the show "Journey to the West—Wukong" invites you to enjoy a thrilling visual feast!

Performance Schedule

June 14th (Friday) 19:30

June 15th (Saturday) 10:30 / 15:30 / 19:30


Main theater of the Guangzhou Beilei Theater

Ticket Prices

580 (VIP Ticket) / 380 / 280 / 180 / 100 (Subsidized Ticket)

Photo | Nanfang Plus

Editor | Monica, Clarice, James

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