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Guangzhou reveals top 100 key & core technology enterprises in 2022

(Photo: Southern Metropolis Dailly)

On March 3, Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau released a list of the top 100 key & core technology enterprises in 2022.

On the list are 33 information technology enterprises, 25 biotechnology enterprises, 14 artificial intelligence enterprises, and other enterprises related to photoelectric chips,  aerospace, new energy, new materials, and information technology.

The list stresses an enterprise’s high R&D investment, high-quality R&D personnel, high-value patents, major national science and technology projects, and its ability to solve"bottleneck" technology problem.

The R&D personnel in most of the enterprises on the list is no less than 40 percent of the total number of employees in the year. About 70 percent of these enterprises input over 60 percent of the total cost in R&D in 2021; The average number of patents of these enterprises was 16.

Market performance is also an index of the list. 30 percent of these enterprises had a revenue of more than 20 million RMB. From a capital market perspective, about 76 percent of these companies had received financing.

At present, the number of high-tech enterprises and SMEs in Guangzhou has exceeded 12,300 and 16,700, respectively, hitting a record high. Li Jiang, a researcher at Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, said that Guangzhou would focus on fostering leading enterprises in science and technology, to become new drive to high quality economic development.

Author | Clarice

Editors | Wing, Nan, Will, Jerry

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