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Make summer desserts with Cantonese Chefs during Major Heat

July 23 encountered the beginning of Major Heat. It's the last solar term of summer, signaling the hottest period of the year. During scorching days, Cantonese people usually relieve the summer heat by eating particular foods, especially some refreshing desserts.

How to make some simple and delicious summer desserts at home? Come follow the Cantonese chefs! Qiu Shaosi, a teacher from the Cantonese Cuisine Academy of Guangdong Province Technician College of Light Industry, will show you how to make lychee rose bean jelly and osmanthus layered jelly.

And don't miss out on the bonus scene: watermelon carving by Luo Wenjie, a teacher from the same Academy.

About Cantonese Chef training program

Starting 2018, Guangdong launched a program for training chefs in Cantonese cuisine to promote the catering industry. It is one of the top three livelihood programs in Guangdong, in serving rural revitalization.

Since the implementation of this program, a total of 389,300 people in the province have received training opportunities, and 815,800 people were employed or started their businesses.

Author | Holly

Video | Eastbrook, Zoey, Tonny (intern)

Poster | You Baoyi (intern)

Editor | Wing, Steven, Monica, Ou Xiaoming, Jerry 

Special thanks to the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province & Guangdong Province Technician College of Light Industry

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