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Scorching weather comes! This year's 1st 35℃ to hit Guangzhou tomorrow

Recently, the weather in Guangzhou has been changing rapidly between sunshine and rain. According to the city's meteorological service, starting today, the range of rainfall will decrease as the temperature rises. Guangzhou may experience its first 35℃-day this year on Friday.

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

The city's meteorological service predicts that the subtropical high will strengthen in the following three days, bringing hotter weather, together with sunshine and showers. The main precipitation period will happen in the afternoon, locally accompanied by short-term strong precipitation and short-term force-six-to-eight gales.

In addition, according to the provincial meteorological service, on June 21 and 22, most cities and counties in Guangdong will be sunny and cloudy, with scattered (thunder) showers. The highest temperature in most areas of the province will be 34-36℃, while other parts will reach about 37℃.

The "Dragon Boat Rain" is really coming to an end. In the next few days, the temperature in Guangzhou will further rise, so pay attention to preventing heatstroke!

Reporter | Nancy Ye

Poster | Lulu

Editor | Monica, James

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