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Seamless transfer between GD's intercity and national railway stations from April 23

Starting on April 23, passengers traveling via four intercity stations in Guangdong can experience a more convenient transfer between the intercity and national railway systems, according to the Guangzhou Metro Group.

The railway stations involved in this integration are Foshanxi, Zhaoqing, Dongguanxi, and Huadu. With the implementation of mutual recognition of security checks, passengers will no longer need to exit the stations for transfers or undergo repeated security checks. This change aims to significantly reduce transfer time for travelers.

To complement this integration, the Guangdong Intercity Railway will introduce a series of optimization measures on April 23, including streamlining transfer routes within stations. Passengers will have access to convenient transfer channels, reducing both walking distance and time.

Specifically, at Huadu station, passengers can utilize a direct access channel from Platform 1 to the first floor, facilitating easy access to the second-floor waiting hall. Additionally, signage for transfers will be improved for enhanced clarity, and more staff will be there to assist passengers with inquiries and provide guidance.

Author | Hannah

Editor | Monica, Abby, James

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