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Guangdong Experimental High School to get new facilities and dormitories for international department with 18 classes

The Guangdong Experimental High School will build its international department with 18 classes on a vacant block of land next to the school, according to an urban renewal plan recently approved by Liwan District, Guangzhou.

According to the plan, the school is proposing to build educational facilities and student dormitories for an international department, with a maximum building height of 80 meters and a total building area of 15,000 square meters.

The surrounding area of the plot is equipped with four metro lines and two metro stations, including Guangzhou Metro Line 1, Guangfo Line, Line 10 (under construction), and Line 22 (under construction). The stations include Xilang Station (西朗站) and Kengkou Station (坑口站), with walking distances of 1,300 meters and 1,100 meters, respectively.

The renewal plan for the reserved land on the south side of Kengkou Village (AF0221 planning management unit) was approved during the 18th meeting of the Fourth Session of the Urban Planning Commission of Guangzhou Municipality Professional Committee.

The adjustment area is bordered to the north by the Guangdong Experimental High School, with Jiansha Creek (剑沙涌) to the east, and the village residence of Kengkou South Weir (坑口南围村村居) to the southwest. The vacant block of land covers 3,000 square meters.

The area outlined by a yellow line represents the adjustment area. (Photo: Nanfang Plus)

In addition, the project site will also include 43 motor vehicle parking spaces (including special parking spaces) and 64 non-motor vehicle parking spaces. The remaining parking spaces will be supplemented by the Kengkou Economic Cooperative (坑口经济联社) through the urban village renovation project on the west side of the plot (AF022111) in the future.

Reporter | Clarice

Editor | Steven, Monica, James

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