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Heavy rain to pour in Guangdong in next three days due to monsoon disturbance

(Photo: Zhong Zhihui)

A monsoon disturbance is currently active over the northern South China Sea. The Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Service forecasts that it will develop into a tropical depression by May 30, with maximum wind speeds near its center reaching 6-7 on the Beaufort scale. This system is expected to move northward and make landfall between western Guangdong and the Pearl River estuary on the night of May 31.

Due to the influence of the tropical disturbance or depression, heavy rainfall is expected across Guangdong Province from May 31 to the morning of June 2. Torrential rain, with some areas experiencing extremely heavy downpours, is anticipated. Additionally, strong winds ranging from 7 to 9 on the Beaufort scale will affect the northern South China Sea and the coastal waters of Guangdong from May 30 to June 1.

Detailed Forecast:

May 30:

Most of the province will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers.

May 31 to the morning of June 2:

Southern cities and counties, as well as Heyuan and Meizhou, will experience overcast conditions with heavy to torrential rain, and some areas may see extremely heavy rain.

Other cities and counties will have showers that will turn into heavy rain or torrential rain.

June 2 (daytime):

Eastern cities and counties will be mostly cloudy to overcast, with moderate to heavy rain transitioning to showers.

Other areas will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers.

Reporter | Clarice

Editor | Monica, James

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