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Online training held to help Guangdong agricultural enterprises seize RCEP opportunities

On September 30, an online training was held in Guangdong on the theme of helping Guangdong’s agricultural sectors grasp the opportunities brought by the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

The courses cover RCEP’s major rules, branding strategy in RCEP member countries and marketing techniques, providing attendees with detailed guidelines through abundant examples.

Enterprises participating in the training stated that they are very interested in the RCEP market. “The market is full of opportunities and challenges. We are eager to cooperate with local agricultural sectors and offer local consumers high-quality agricultural products from Guangdong,” said one of the attendees.

It is learned that Guangdong will continue to launch a series of activities, including overseas tasting events, online and offline training, and global exhibitions, to promote Guangdong agricultural products further to go global.

Reporter | Abby

Editor | Wing, Nan, James

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