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White Dew: time to enjoy teas in cool autumn

White Dew (Chinese: “白露”), the third solar term in autumn and the 15th of Chinese traditional 24 solar terms, falls on September 7 this year. In this season, the weather gets cooler and dryer with distinct temperature differences between day and night, so this solar term is important since it can reflect the emergence of coolness in nature.

According to Rao Yuansheng, a famous scholar in the field of Guangdong culture, at night, water vapor in the air turns into small drops of water when it encounters cold temperatures. These white water-drops adhere to flowers, grass and trees.

Drinking White Dew Tea is a custom in this period of time. White Dew Tea is different from spring tea, which is usually too tender and doesn't last long. It is also different from summer tea, which is dry and has a bitter flavor. White Dew Tea instead tastes sweet with a fragrance. According to Rao Yuansheng, tea, during White Dew period, has gone through the hot summer and is in its best state of growth, so it is also a good time for people to enjoy teas.

White Dew indicates the real beginning of cool autumn, with distinct temperature differences between day and night, so keep in mind to add layers of clothing in case of catching a cold. In terms of diet, you can also eat some vitamin-rich foods to prevent and relieve autumn dryness.

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