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Turkish beauty takes you to the most thrilling Sky Adventure in Guangzhou

The National Day holiday has begun. What’s your travel plan? There are many thrilling and interesting recreational facilities in Guangdong, and the Landmark Alpha Adventure Park in the Canton Tower is one of the places you must not miss.

Canton Tower is not only a landmark in Guangzhou but also a prime place to explore unique views and have entertainment. Turkish content creator Neslihan Kilavuz tried the Cloudy Walk and Sky Adventure in the Landmark Alpha. Follow her to experience the unseen Canton Tower!

Located on the 600-meter-high Canton Tower, the Landmark Alpha adventure park provides a series of courses at heights ranging from 188m to 298m. Visitors can walk at a height of 325 meters and have an exciting adventure to challenge themselves. It is a captivating visual feast and a taste of new things.

The adventure has green, blue, and red courses of 188, 198, and 298 meters, respectively. The park welcomes ambitious challengers, but not all dare to finish the full challenge. Come to have a try and see if you can make it.

Reporter: Alice, Ariel & Lina (intern)

Video: Jimmy

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