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"Hello, Man in Blue": Guangdong drama pays tribute to firemen

On July 28th, Guangdong's original drama themed "fire rescue" premiered at the Guangdong Art Theatre in Guangzhou. The drama is scheduled to be performed on November 9th, China's National Fire Day.

The drama entitled "Hello, Man in Blue" is set at the Zhujiang East Fire Rescue Station in Tianhe District, Guangzhou and tells the story of Sun Haoran, a college graduate, who registers as a firefighter, constantly makes great progress in his work, and finally becomes an excellent firefighting and rescue commander.

Through the stories between young firefighters and their family members, neighbors and people in different communities, the drama demonstrates the love of friends, families and couples.

Tang Jie, deputy head of the Fire Rescue Brigade of Tianhe District in Guangzhou, said: "The drama reflects the reality of our life, work and training, which deeply moved me. The content of this drama is both authentic and down-to-earth. The affecting performance of actors gives me a sense of glory. "

The audiences and business representatives who watched the drama also said that they learned a lot of knowledge about fire safety while being deeply moved by the dedication of firefighters.

According to the production team, to make the performance more accurate and perfect, the actors of "Hello, Man in Blue" went to a fire rescue station at the grass-roots level to live and work with firefighters for seven days. Apart from receiving training in a series of fire-fighting skills, they also participated in several emergencies to learn about the real life of firefighters.

Author | Paprika

Editor | Wing, Keane, Will, Monica, Jerry

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