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​New opportunities seen in computing power industry of Shaoguan: ABB Electrification Digital Leader

"The development of data centers has national positioning and requires quantities of electrical equipment. It brings us the opportunity as we can provide services for stable supply of electricity and help improve its efficiency," Jiang Ying, ABB Electrification Digital Leader in China, told GDToday at the 2nd GBA (Guangdong) Computing Power Industry Conference and the 1st China Computing NET Conference in Guangdong's Shaoguan.

As a leading company in electrification and automation, ABB attended the conference for opportunities in the computing power industry in Shaoguan. Jiang is confident about the potential growth in the computing power industry as China's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) proposes to accelerate information infrastructure development.

In addition, China initiated the east-data-west-computing project to encourage the construction of computing power infrastructure in early 2022, which outlines the construction of 8 national computing hubs and 10 smaller national data center clusters across the country. And the Shaoguan data center cluster is one of the 10 such national clusters.

"We have provided services for data centers for over ten years and we foresee the future opportunities lie in providing smarter and greener electrification solutions," said Jiang. She introduced that data centers are energy-intensive. ABB is trying to adopt artificial intelligence technology to the maintenance of electricity supply systems so that they can improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Speaking of the business environment of Shaoguan, Jiang highlighted the city shared the economic opportunities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area which is one of the most dynamic and open areas in China.

"We will take the challenges and lead the implementation of low-carbon electrification solutions for green data centers, promoting the development of the industry," said Jiang.  

According to the Shaoguan government, the city strives to develop an industrial chain of big data, aiming to boost the output value up to 80 billion RMB by 2025 and 200 billion RMB by 2030.

The upstream enterprises of data centers include data rack manufacturing, energy, and server enterprises.




Editor丨Wing, Jasmine, Nan, Jerry

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