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Building Nansha into the pioneer area for RCEP

Cherish Chan, a Hong Kong CPPCC member and the Founding President of the Hong Kong China Chamber of Commerce, said she hopes to encourage more young people from Hong Kong to come to the GBA for development, during the 2nd session of the 13th Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPPCC on January 24.

She said, "This year, I have put forward four proposals, one of which focuses on promoting the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). I hope that through RCEP, we can make more breakthroughs in Nansha, as Guangdong Province is the most economically dynamic province. We hope that more business opportunities arising from RCEP will further stimulate our economy."

Reporter | Li Qiaoxin, Zhang Tianxiong

Video | Zhang Tianxiong, Axin, Clarice

Text | Clarice

Editor | Olivia, Xie Miaofeng, Nan, Ou Xiaoming, Abby, James

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