GBA shows ways to integrate technology and sustainable development

"We pay particular attention to the Greater Bay Area, investigating how technology can be used for sustainable development goals." Alessandro Annoni, President of the International Society for Digital Earth, said at the 2023 Greater Bay Area Science Forum (GSF).

As a dedicated researcher in the field of digital earth, Annoni commits to advancing scientific endeavors for the betterment of society. He firmly believes that technology can play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. "The technologies can be used to make money, but can be used to make our life better and to protect our environment." He noted.

Annoni pointed to the development of virtual reality (VR) as a prime example of technology's potential to serve society. In his view, gamification techniques can effectively influence the behavior of the younger generation with VR. "In this way, people start playing a game on climate change through which they will understand the impact of what they can do." He discussed.

Moreover, Annoni underscored the GBA's ambition to foster global collaboration among scientists. He hopes it will be similar to Silicon Valley, where science and prosperity meet and sparkle. He firmly believed that the GBA has the capacity to address pressing challenges, such as how to evolve in communications.

The 2023 GSF is being held in Guangzhou from May 20 to 23. With the theme "Bring together wisdom, bring together the world", the forum focuses on artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, high-energy physics, biomedicine and health, information, and communication.

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