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22 best film shooting locations in Guangzhou, come and check out!

2022-Jun-28       Source: newsgd.com

Recently, 22 sites are selected as Guangzhou’s film shooting bases by the Guangzhou Film and Television Industry Service Center and the Guangzhou Association of Tourist Attractions.

Recently, 22 sites are selected as Guangzhou’s film shooting bases by the Guangzhou Film and Television Industry Service Center and the Guangzhou Association of Tourist Attractions. 

The sites include 3 professional film and television shooting bases, 5 natural attractions, 5 cultural attractions, 2 architectures, 4 ancient towns and old streets and 4 cultural venues.

Follow us to check out these amazing spots.

Professional Film and Television Shooting Bases

Baomo Garden (宝墨园)

Baomo Garden was first built in the late Qing Dynasty in Zini Village. The Garden was rebuilt in 1995 and covers an area of 100,000 square meters. It is an integration of Lingnan-style ancient architecture, gardens and water town. It is also a national 4A tourist attraction.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Zilintang Art Town (紫泥堂)

Zilintang Art Town was formerly the largest sugar factory in Guangdong Province—Guangdong State-owned Ziyan Sugar Factory. It was built in 1953, covering an area of about 250,000 square meters, and has 88 novel and old industrial buildings. Zilintang Art Town is an important tourist attraction that gathers humanities, history, art, and ecological influence in Panyu, Guangzhou.

Photo: Official website of Zilintang Art Town

1978 Movie Town (广州1978电影小镇)

Located in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, 1978 Movie Town was transformed from the original Zengcheng Sugar Paper Factory and the surrounding old factories, warehouses, dwellings, and old villages. Now it is a film-themed cultural and creative park. The most attractive thing here is the Auditorium, which used to be a paper rolling department of Zengcheng Paper Mill, but now it has been transformed into a small church.

Photo:Nanfang Plus

Natural Attractions

Baiyun Mountain (白云山)

Baiyun Mountain, located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, is one of the most famous mountains in Guangdong. The Mountain covers an area of 20.98 square kilometers, and its central peak, Moxing Ridge, is 382 meters high. This is the first national 5A-level tourist attraction in Guangzhou.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Hongshan Village (红山村)

Hongshan Village is the first Chinese tourism model village in Huadu District. The village features natural landscape tours, agricultural sightseeing and rural Hakka cultural experience.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Shimen National Forest Park (石门国家森林公园)

Shimen National Forest Park is located in the northeast of Conghua District, Guangzhou, with a total area of 2,636 hectares and a forest coverage rate of 98.9%. Known as an oasis of the Tropic of Cancer, its Tiantangding, with an altitude of 1,210 meters, is the highest mountain peak in Guangzhou.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Nansha Wetland Park (南沙湿地公园)

Nansha Wetland Park is located at the southernmost tip of Guangzhou. It is the largest wetland park in Guangzhou and one of the important stops for migratory birds.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

South China Botanical Garden (华南植物园)

South China Botanical Garden, located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, was founded in 1956. It is a botanical garden for scientific research, tourism and education, with an area of 300 hectares and over 6,000 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants. It is south China's largest subtropical botanical garden and one of the most important conservation bases for plant germplasm resources.

Photo: Xinhua

Cultural Attractions

Yuexiu Garden (越秀公园)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Whampoa Military Academy (黄埔军校)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Butterfield & Swire's Godowns & Wharf (太古仓)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall (陈家祠)

The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall is an academic temple in Guangzhou, built by the 72 Chen clans for their juniors' accommodation and preparation for the imperial examinations in 1894 in the Qing Dynasty. Now it houses the Guangdong Folk Art Museum to show the most characteristic Guangdong architecture.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Lingnan Cultural Park (岭南印象园)

Lingnan Cultural Park is located in the south of Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (Xiaoguwei Island), covering a total area of 16.5 hectares. It is a national 4A-level tourist attraction with intangible cultural heritage display, cultural experience, family leisure, catering and entertainment, cultural and creative products shopping and other functions.

Photo: Official website of Lingnan Cultural Park


Canton Tower (广州塔)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Guangzhou CTF Finance Center & Guangzhou International Finance Center, I.F.C. (东西塔)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Ancient Town and Old Street

Shamian (沙面)

Shamian, also known as Shameen or Shamin, is a sandbank island in the Liwan District of Guangzhou. It is a gazetted historical area that serves as a tranquil reminder of the colonial European period, with quiet pedestrian avenues flanked by trees and lined with historical buildings in various states of upkeep. 

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street (北京路)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (上下九)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Shawan Town (沙湾古镇)

Shawan Ancient Town, located in Guangzhou's Panyu, is an ancient town with a history of more than 800 years. It is the hometown of Chinese folk art and retains a large number of tangible and intangible cultural heritages. There are many well-preserved ancestral halls, temples and other ancient buildings.

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Cultural Venues

Grandview Mall (正佳广场)

Photo: Nanfang Daily

Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort (碧水湾度假村)

Photo: Nanfang Plus

China Hakka Park, Guangzhou (广州客天下国际旅游度假区)

Photo: Nanfang Plus

Huaguoshan Media Town on Ultra HD Video Industry (中国超高清视频创新产业示范园区)

Photo: Nanfang Plus

At the end of each year, ten best film shooting bases will be selected and recommended to domestic and foreign film crews.

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