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Guangdong's Solution 2024 ① | How to develop new productive forces? Here is Guangdong's solution

Photo: Nanfang Plus

"New productive forces" has become a buzzword since this year's Two Sessions. Freed from traditional growth models, new productive forces are becoming the new drivers of China's economy, boosting emerging industries such as big data, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and space flights.

Known as China's economic powerhouse and a pioneer in reform and opening up, Guangdong has been the top-ranking province in terms of economic output for 35 consecutive years. Guangdong held its provincial high-quality development conference on the first working day after the Chinese New Year holiday, emphasizing the combination of sci-tech innovation and industrial development and calling for the development of new productive forces.

Several months have passed, and Guangdong has stepped up to roll out its solutions. In the following week, GDToday reporters Nina and Eastbrook will explore how Guangdong can develop new productive forces. Please stay tuned.

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Reporters | Nan, Nina, Eastbrook, and Guo Chuhua

Editor | James 

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