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Potentials to be unleashed: Synergy of Eastern, Western, and Northern Guangdong with the Pearl River Delta

On June 19, in the thriving metropolis of Guangzhou, the 2024 Conference for Economic and Trade Cooperation between the Pearl River Delta and the Eastern - Western and Northern Regions of Guangdong Province commenced, marking a significant moment in regional development of Guangdong Province.

Guangdong, China's largest provincial economy, has maintained its top ranking in terms of economic output for 35 consecutive years. The Pearl River Delta region has established itself as a hub for manufacturing and hi-tech industries, while the eastern, western, and northern regions present significant opportunities for growth. The event is more than a mere meeting; it is of strategic importance in forming economic synergy and facilitating urban-rural integration in Guangdong, especially between the Pearl River Delta and the neighboring cities. 

The event, with its ambitious goal of attracting over 5,000 industrial projects in 5 years and a financial clout of 2 trillion yuan, aligns with Guangdong's consistent lead in China's GDP rankings, indicating that the impact of synergized development in Guangdong resonates beyond provincial borders and contributes significantly to the national and global economic landscape.

Harley Seyedin, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China, emphasized the untapped potentials of western and northern Guangdong in his interview with GDToday, highlighting the region's abundant natural resources and the significant land area available for development. He also noted the proactive stance of the local governments in embracing expansion opportunities, signifying a strong commitment to regional growth. Mr. Seyedin believes that integrating these regions with the Pearl River Delta's expansion capabilities will be instrumental in accelerating the overall development of Guangdong Province, while also bringing opportunities to US enterprises and investors in terms of benefits and market shares.

Klaus Zenkel, Vice President of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China, emphasized to GDToday the importance of interlinking the Greater Bay Area with its surrounding cities to unleash the full developmental potentials. He sees the connectivity as an attractive opportunity for European investors, offering them a variety of options and diversification in their future investment planning. Mr. Kenel also noted at the same time the keen interest of EU enterprises towards Guangdong province.

As the event reveals, the synergy between Pearl River Delta and the neighboring cities is poised to become the new driving forces for Guangdong's economic growth. Domestic and international businesses alike are invited to invest and operate in these regions, where they can capitalize on fertile ground for expansion and mutual growth. It also serves as a platform for innovation and technology exchange, demonstrating Guangdong’s capabilities in emerging areas such as zero-carbon technology research and development, cross-border e-commerce, which are critical for facilitating the development of new productive forces.

Vincent Chow, Chairman of Bringbuys Future Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., underscored the importance of aligning eastern, western and northern Guangdong with the Greater Bay Area's overall development. Mr. Chow shared with GDToday the promising investment prospects in Eastern and Northern Guangdong, particularly in new energy and advanced manufacturing industries. "We already boast some investment basis, and we will invest more to connect these regions with Macao," Mr. Chow stated. His vision includes fostering cross-border e-commerce and encouraging the youth to contribute to the development of eastern and northern Guangdong, thus facilitating the regions' integration into the global economy.

The event is all about unlocking the vast potentials of the western, eastern and northern Guangdong, which are set to become the new engines of Guangdong's economic surge. Given Guangdong's consistent lead in China's GDP rankings, this isn't just a local affair, but also plays a significant role in China's economic landscape and that of the globe in general, attracting international attention as well, sending out an invitation to businesses worldwide for mutual benefit and shared advancement. 

Reporter | Guo Chuhua

Video | Guo Hongda

Editor | Nan, Will, James

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