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Chaoshan culture is well-inherited in Thailand: Vice President of THAICC

The Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, falls on February 24 this year. The 2024 Shantou Small Park International Lantern Fair kicked off on this day.

The returned overseas Chinese enjoyed the lantern show and local traditional celebrations, including dragon dance, Yingge Dance and so on.

Boonyong Yongcharoenrat, Vice President of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (THAICC), has been staying in Thailand for more than 40 years. When he was young, he celebrated the Chinese New Year in Shantou.

Nowadays, he said,having experienced the development of China and the inheritance of cultural traditions in China makes overseas Chinese more aware of the greatness of Chinese culture.

According to Boonyong Yongcharoenrat, in Thailand, Chinese New Year is celebrated every year just like in China.

“Chinese culture and traditions, especially our Chaoshan culture, are well-inherited in Thailand. It is also what overseas Chinese in Thailand have attached great importance to in previous years,” said he.

Reporter | Hannah, Alice

Video | Wingheng, Jimmy

Editor | Nan, Ou Xiaoming, Abby, James

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