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Luban Workshop, Dayu Institute opened for Tanzania students

On June 16, 48 Tanzanian students started their education in a Luban Workshop and Dayu Institute, learning the newest water and power technology. The project was jointly launched by China's Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering (GPWE), Sunmaker Oil & Gas Training Institute, and Tanzania's Arusha Technical College.

Students attend the opening ceremony of the Luban Workshop and Dayu Institute in Tanzania's Arusha Technical College. (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

The classes will combine online teaching and offline practices. In the final year before graduation, some students will be invited to visit Guangdong for further studies, according to a faculty member from the GPWE.

"The project brings high-quality educational resources of water conservancy and hydropower to Tanzania, and opens a new chapter for vocational education exchanges between the two countries," remarked by Noel Mbonde, Director of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development Division of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Tanzania.

"Guangdong will promote more excellent vocational colleges to conduct vocational skill training and cultivate international students in Africa, so as to serve enterprises and countries along the Belt and Road, said Li Jinjun, Head of the International Exchange and Cooperation Division of the Department of Education of Guangdong.

The opening ceremony of the Luban Workshop and Dayu Institute is held in China's Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering. (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

"I hope I can acquire China's advanced water and power technology through the project, then obtain an internship in a relevant company", Tanzanian student Robert George Aron showed his expectation of the project.

Another student Anna Sebastian expressed his wish to apply what she has learned to local companies. "I wish I can make contributions for the development of hydropower industry in Eastern Africa," she said.

Author: Ariel

Editor: Wing, Nan, Monica, Jerry

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