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The splendor of Han couture: Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Hanfu Festival 2023 kicks off

On November 18th, the opening ceremony of the "Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Hanfu Festival 2023" took place at the mountaintop square of Mingchun Valley in Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Guangzhou.

The opening ceremony featured a group of Hanfu enthusiasts from the city, who showcased their skills through various dance performances, including group, solo, and classical styles. With graceful movements, they evoked the verses of ancient poetry from a thousand years ago with their elegant hair accessories and flowing robes.

The Hanfu market was offered for visitors to have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the traditional Chinese Hanfu attire, along with a chance to appreciate and purchase accessories and intangible cultural heritage products. The marketplace also provided a platform for traditional games like pitch-pot, Chuiwan (a golf-like game), and poetry recitation, which recreated the atmosphere of a bustling ancient market.

It is reported that the "Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Hanfu Festival 2023" is part of Guangdong's first excellent traditional Chinese culture festival, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Hanfu revival. The event has attracted a large number of local residents and tourists, showcasing Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area's innovative approach to combining culture and tourism. It highlights Guangzhou's cultural image and the passion of traditional culture enthusiasts.

On November 19th, there will be a range of exciting activities, such as collective dances, a Hanfu fashion show, a Hanfu parade and much more. The Hanfu fashion show, which features 20 models, will showcase the visual charm of Han Couture to the public. During the show, common Hanfu styles will be presented along with their applications and traditional etiquette.

The Hanfu parade is comprised of Hanfu enthusiasts dressed in various styles of Hanfu in different groups, which embark on a splendid journey together with local residents and tourists to appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

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