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Irresistible pork rib rice of Shunde, Foshan

In the bustling Ronggui Sub-district of Shunde, Foshan, the local dish, rice with pork ribs, tickles the diners' taste buds every dinner. Some eateries even witness patrons lining up as early as 4 am to savor this popular dish.

The pork ribs are usually steamed over high heat until being succulent, with a perfect balance of fat and lean. Sprinkled with chopped scallions, the ribs sizzle enticingly as they are served fresh out of the steamer.

Recently, this iconic dish also captivated Kim Daesu, a food vlogger from the Republic of Korea (ROK). Follow his vlog and explore this simple yet satisfying culinary treasure.

Reporter: Holly

Video: Kim Daesu

Editor: Nan, Monica, James

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