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Intl students experience Chinese medicine culture in Guangzhou

The "Exploring China Experiencing Chinese Medicine" International Chinese Medicine Culture Camp kicked off in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (GUCM) on May 18. The event brings together 70 international students and teachers from 23 countries to explore traditional Chinese medicine and its unique therapies, production process, as well as the latest antimalaria achievements made by Chinese medical teams.

During the opening ceremony, Guo Hong, vice president of the GUCM, mentioned that Chinese medicine is a precious treasure left by our ancestors, a gem of Chinese culture, and a key to unlock the treasury of Chinese civilization. "Through lectures, visits, and personal experiences, we hope students would share their thoughts and experiences with friends and family, introduce Chinese traditional culture to them, so as to promote cultural exchanges and friendship between countries."

Doctoral candidate Rafael Nunez from GUCM also shared his journey of studying Chinese medicine. He started to learn Chinese martial arts 23 years ago. Later, after 9 years of Chinese language learning and obtaining a bachelor's and master's degree in sports science, in 2022, he came to GUCM to study for a doctorate. Rafael Nunez hoped that through participating in this event, everyone could learn more about Chinese medicine for disease prevention and treatment. He also hoped that everyone would continue to serve as "ambassadors" for cultural exchange between their own countries and China after returning to their homelands.

During the Camp, the international students leared about antimalaria efforts and achievements made by China medical team in Africa, and they also made their own artemisinin bookmark under the guidance of Chinese medicine teachers.

They toured Guangdong Chinese Medicine Museum and Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They experienced a variety of traditional Chinese medicine therapies, such as fire dragon therapy, thunder fire therapy, cupping and moxibustion, which helped them gain a rough idea of Guangzhou's Chinese medical service industry.

The visiting group also visited a production workshop, online pharmacy, and specimen museum, learning about the standardized production process of Chinese medicine decoction pieces.

"Exploring China" has been a brand activity of the China Scholarship Council since 2015. This year's event was jointly hosted by China Scholarship Council, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, South China Normal University, and Guangzhou Medical University.

Photo provided to GDToday.

Author: Ariel

Editor: Olivia, Will, Jerry

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