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K-12 Education brings new education experience in GBA

On February 26, CTF Education Group ("CTFEG") announced the launch of the Education Hub (The "Hub"), a new education landmark located in Panyu, Guangzhou in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ("GBA"),, aiming at providing, education of K-12, which means from kindergarten to primary and secondary school.

Through the "Kindervarsity" model, the Education Hub will bring together a community of learners, educators, researchers, and industry professionals..to inspire, equip, and empower a new generation of learners. With the state-of-the-art facilities: the Performing Arts Centre, Innovation Centre, Sports Centre, boarding residential life, and more,the hub can provide its students a enjoyable campus life.
"The establishment of the Education Hub in the GBA is the most significant milestone of CTF Education Group," said Jennifer Yu Cheng, Group President and Deputy Vice Chairwoman of CTFEG. "CTFEG is committed to making a positive impact through education. With the support of our expertise and diverse ecosystem, the Hub will drive a dynamic exchange of ideas, skills, and resources in the GBA and beyond, creating innovations in education and nurturing a new generation of outstanding talents for the future."
At the Hub, the Future Education Research Institute leverages global resources and CTFEG's extensive ecosystem to collaborate with K-12 educators, university researchers, corporates, and institutions on future education research projects that advance the frontiers of K-12 education. Schools in Hong Kong and other GBA cities are invited to participate in the Hub with institutes on research and teacher exchanges as well as professional development.

It is worth mentioning that the strategic partners of Benenden Schools Guangzhou, CTFEG and Benenden School in the UK, provide strategic consulting and support for Benenden Schools Guangzhou in terms of educational philosophy and student boarding life. The school offers a range of curricula tailored to meet the dynamic needs and diverse interests of students from different backgrounds. 
"With the launch of the Hub, we are pioneering a new K-12 learning experience based on our Kindervarsity framework that offers students access to infinite possibilities through unparalleled resources that enrich their learning," said Yu Cheng. "By building a unique community of learners, educators, researchers, and industry professionals, we are preparing today's students to thrive in an interdisciplinary, fast-changing workplace to make a positive, lasting impact on our future world."

Reporter | Alice

Editor | Nan, Will, James

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