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Int’l students celebrate dragon-themed Chinese Culture Day in Guangzhou

2024 marks the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese lunar calendar. On February 2, a Chinese Culture Day event with the theme of "Descendants of the Dragon" was held at the American International School of Guangzhou (AISG), bringing together the AISG community from different backgrounds to celebrate the rich history and traditions of China.

More than 200 students and teachers performed in the exciting opening show. Principals and teachers, dressed as Chinese historical figures from different eras, such as Mu Guiying, Genghis Khan, and Zhuge Liang, as well as the God of Wealth, took turns hosting the event and sending Chinese New Year wishes to all visitors. Students from different backgrounds presented Chinese classical dances, dragon and lion dances, a Chinese idiom solitaire puzzle game, and flag shows of the 56 Chinese ethnic groups. Additionally, 80 parent volunteers prepared a variety of hands-on activities to experience and explore Chinese culture.

Int'l students of the AISG hang their blessings on a big cherry blossom tree at the entrance of campus on February 2.

Int'l students of the AISG perform dragon and lion dances on February 2.

Principals and teachers of the AISG dress as the God of Wealth (L1), Zhuge Liang (L2), and Mu Guiying (R1) to send Chinese New Year blessings to all visitors.

In Chinese culture, the Dragon holds a significant place as an auspicious and extraordinary creature, unparalleled in talent and excellence. It symbolizes power, nobility, honor, luck, and success. In keeping with this year's theme, the event was divided into six categories: science, medicine, architecture, literature and art, agriculture, and emperors, ministers, and warriors. These included activities like healthy soup packet making, sugar figure making, face painting, plant dyeing, weaving and knitting, and mini archery.

Mr. Wang, a father, chose to teach the children how to print woodblock New Year pictures. "I specially bought the rubbing woodblocks of the Chinese Door Gods and the God of Wealth. Every child can take their own rubbing pictures home and stick them on the door. The New Year pictures are China's intangible cultural heritage, and I hope to let the younger generation know about this traditional skill."

Mr. Wang teaches children from different countries to print New Year pictures on woodblocks.

DJ Macpherson, Assistant Principal of AISG Elementary School, said that the school aims to help students learn about China's splendid culture and recognize outstanding historical figures and their achievements through various activities. "We hope that students will become outstanding 'Descendants of the Dragon' in all walks of life, realize their dreams, and make a positive impact and contribution to society and the world in the future."

Reporter | Ariel

Editor | Steven, Monica, James

Photos provided to GDToday

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