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How to search for academic qualifications on CHSI for intl students?

China Higher Education Student Information (CHSI) website (chsi.com.cn) is the only qualification verification website designated by China's Ministry of Education. It is an integrated database of college admissions, student records, qualification certificates, employment information and student loans.

Student records and qualification verification are provided by CHSI in different forms, including online verification, online verification report, and verification report. In China, the verification service is widely used in areas such as employment, graduate admissions, and judicial examinations.

For international students studying at Chinese universities, here is the instruction to find student records and download academic qualifications on the CHSI website.

1. Log on to the Chinese homepage of CHSI (chsi.com.cn). It should be noted that the website does not have an English inquiry system. Then click "学历查询".

2. Click "零散查询" and enter your name and academic certificate number. Then you will get your study record.

3. If you can find your record, contact your university's Student Status Management Department to approve your download request, then you can download your academic qualification verification report.

4. If you can't find your record, contact your university's Student Status Management Department, and ask them for help. After they edit the related information, you can log in to CHSI (chsi.com.cn) and click "学历查询" again to search for the information.

Zhang Qianting from Shenzhen University contributed to this story.

Author: Ariel

Editor: Wing, Olivia, Monica, James

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