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Expat sends Mid-Autumn Festival blessings with Guangdong pomelo

Autumn is the harvest season of pomelo fruits. Chinese people really like to eat this fruit during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 29 this year. One of the reasons is that it shares the same pronunciation in Mandarin with the word “佑” (“you” in Mandarin), meaning blessing.

It is said that nine out of every 10 Guangdong pomelos are produced in Meizhou, which serves as the second largest pomelo-producing area in China and the largest in Guangdong. This year, Meizhou planted more than 43,333 hectares of pomeloes, with an annual output reaching about 950,000 tons.

Recently, Piotr Lukasz Blaszak, a Polish expat, visited the Guangdong Shunxing Cultivation and Breeding Co., Ltd., a Meizhou-based company engaged in pomelo fruit production and sales. Through his camera, he took a close glimpse into locally-grown pomeloes’ journey from tree to table and from Guangdong to the world.

“Guangdong is rich in solar and thermal resources. It is an ideal area for pomelo planting. Its unique climatic conditions, scientific cultivation, and sorting equipment have created the high quality of Guangdong pomelo,” said Ye Zhenwei, the company’s factory director.

Ye added that the company now has exported pomelos to countries including the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Canada.

What other fun things did Piotr find out in the pomelo company? Check out the video now!

Reporter | Nancy Ye

Editors | Wing, Nan, Abby, James

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