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​Enjoy red maples, forest trail and bayberries at Maofeng Mountain

This month, the Maofeng Mountain scenic area in Guangdong not only offered splendid views of maple leaves and fantastic photo opportunities, but also introduced new attractions such as a forest culture trail, the Zhiqing Building, and various water entertainment options. The bayberries at the foot of the mountain were ripe for picking—so grab a few friends and head out!

Enjoy red maples

While ordinary maple leaves turn red only in autumn, a visit in May to the Red Maple Garden near the Zilu Liuqing scenic spot by the Tianhu Lake at the Maofeng Mountain reveals fiery red leaves. Amidst the lush green vegetation, the maples create a stunning visual contrast, described poetically as "half green mountains, half red beauty."

Forest trail

Beside admiring red maples, visitors can enjoy a newly-built forest culture theme trail.

At the Ancient Temple scenic spot of Maofeng Mountain, the trail is located between the Shizitian Flower Stand and the Patle Katus Area within the Huangge Stage. It stretches through the largest and best-preserved patle katus forest in the suburbs of Guangzhou. The dense woods, diverse landscapes, deep valleys, bubbling streams, and the sounds of insects, birds, and flowing water, as well as a variety of nationally protected plants like cyathea spinulosa and cibotium barometz, enrich visitors' experience of forest culture, deepen their understanding of local flora, and provide them with fascinating ecological knowledge.

Pick bayberries

Moreover, the bayberry season is in full swing in Suifeng Village of Taihe Town on the south side of Maofeng Mountain. Here, visitors can find the commonly seen red bayberries as well as the rare white variety, both known for their juicy and aromatic fruit, which even attract local wildlife like squirrels.

Recommended spot for bayberry picking: Maofeng Tiancheng Farm in Suifeng Village, Taihe Town.

Author | Alice

Photo | Baiyun Rongmei

Editor | Will, James

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