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Shaoguan Yao embroidery inheritor's attachment to Yao Nationality

The Yao mothers have been embroidering for a lifetime, and their amazing skill is little known to the outside world.

In Ruyuan County, Shaoguan City, in Guangdong Province, there is a Yao woman named Zhao Yonglan who went out and return again to mountains. This is a story about an ordinary woman who tides over the difficulties with the dusty Yao embroidery.

"In the three years between 2015 and 2016 and 2017, Mom was seriously ill. In fact, when she is not in pain, my mother would still embroider. In fact, when we were children, we saw grandma also do this. Now that I have grown up, and then, I wonder if I can use a better perspective and vision and a new thinking to see our Yao embroidery."

Faced with the difficulties of aging embroiderers, lack of design talents and insufficient funds, she broke the dilemma of Yao embroidery's inheritance with innovation. She created various cultural products, and set up the "Yao Mulan" Yao costume workshop.

"It used to be just a costume. It did not appear daily necessities, or household items. That’s why we made a lot of improvements."

From one person to a team of more than 100, she has promoted the employment of many Yao women. Under her efforts, Yao embroidery helps revitalize culture and industry in a new way. The Yao dream is also the Chinese dream. Her story is the epitome of millions of enthusiastic people who are sticking to the front line of rural revitalization.

"With feelings, come back home and develop this industry associated with the Yao culture. And through our efforts and publicity,more people outside will meet it, know it, and love it in the future, at the same time."

Source: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

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