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2024 University Student Music Season kicks off in Dongguan

On the evening of July 6th, the "Trendy Dongguan·Matchbox College Music Alliance" was established, and the 2024 University Student Music Season was launched at the East Gate Square No. 1 Camp of the Dongguan Cultural Center.

The "Trendy Dongguan·Matchbox College Music Alliance" has already united music clubs and musicians from 63 universities from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao, with more universities expected to join. Representatives from over 40 universities attended the event, performing their original works that expressed the uncertainties and aspirations of youth, along with the restlessness of adolescence. Nostalgic Cantonese songs also transported the audience back in time, providing a spectacular musical feast. The event drew an increasing number of residents and tourists to listen, sing along, take photos, and share in the youthful joy and passion.

Since 2022, Dongguan Cultural Center has meticulously planned and launched the "Matchbox" IP and project, organizing small and beautiful music-themed cultural events. The inspiration for "Matchbox" comes from Dongguan's match industry, symbolizing "a single spark can start a prairie fire" and "lighting me up, lighting you up", embodying hopes for cultural prosperity and high-quality development in Dongguan. Since its launch, "Matchbox" has quickly become a beloved city IP, synonymous with "Trendy Dongguan," and has been rated as a case of national excellent mass cultural brands at the 1st China Mass Cultural Brand Development Conference.

This year's "Trendy Dongguan·Matchbox" series will feature a music festival and camp performances in collaboration with commercial areas. The newly established "Matchbox College Music Alliance" and the launched "Matchbox University Student Music Season" are key components of this summer's series, aiming to further enhance the "Trendy Dongguan·Matchbox" urban art project brand, expand its reach and influence, and inspire the creativity and expressiveness of young students through music to jointly create a youth music culture chapter belonging to Dongguan. The "Trendy Dongguan·Matchbox College Music Alliance" will feature eight themed music events throughout the summer vacation.

A student representative from Guangdong University of Science and Technology remarked, "This event integrates trendy elements and technological means. The stage design is stylish and modern, the sound equipment is advanced with clear audio quality, and the lighting effects are brilliant and dazzling, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. These elements not only enhance the viewing and artistic value of the performances but also better showcase Dongguan's image and charm as a modern city."

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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